Workshop Videos!

Learn about Human Design, Gene Keys and more through the online workshops below!

I'm so excited to share these video workshops with you! You'll walk away with an understanding of human design, the gene keys, how they interact with each other, and the best part - how they interact with your love life. 

This is a workshop on the basics of Human Design. In this workshop we go over:
*What is Human Design
*Human Design Types, Profile Lines,  Strategy & Authority. and   Type Themes (Signature & Not Self)
*How to Read Your Human Design Chart

$55   $27.50

Intro to Human Design

This workshop is all you need to start you Gene Keys journey!  I break down each of the 3 gene key sequences, sphere by sphere- INCLUDING line information on each!!  

This workshop is the most in depth teaching on the Gene Keys you can get without paying hundreds of dollars! 

$149 $74.50

Intro to Gene Keys

All About theLove!

This is a workshop on human design and love. In this workshop we go over:
*How your type has everything to do  with how you bring love into your life
*The big fat neon signs that let you know  your on the right path
*How your partners profile is the gateway to exciting days...and nights
*How your centers play an important role in a happy relationship full of       
*Using your variables to spice up your love life
*All the love gates and what they mean


Intro to Human Design & Love

"Maureen you are a caring, generous and beautiful soul..."

"Just finished watching the video... So much helpful HD and Gene key info along the way. Thank you to all the participants for your sharing of personal situations and HD and gene key profile info. It helps so much to see HD/gene keys play out in people's lives, for understanding how this all works. Maureen you are a caring, generous and beautiful soul who betters people's lives with your work. Thank you! Namaste."


"Thank you Maureen for allowing me to feel safe and to be seen"

"I had the opportunity to meet with Maureen in the beginning of 2023, and i am here to report back MONTHS after my human design reading (with recording)...i am still receiving benefits, downloads, and clarity of self from my human design reading! Thank you Maureen for allowing me to feel safe to be seen. It was a pleasure to be in your energy. Keep shining bright! You are doing amazing things for our world."

heather wesley

" I am very happy with my reading from Maureen"

"Right when I walked in, I immediately felt a very genuine energy from her. I felt comfortable being vulnerable with her and it was pretty amazing what cards came out. I’ve had a lot of different readings before, but what stood out about this one was how I felt after (and still feel now). I got a lot of valuable insight that will stay with me… and she really reminded me of my own power. thanks again."

Janet lee